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Web Design

   Our Staff is highly trained to design a web page that will fit your needs.  If you need a High tech Flash site, or just need a professional looking webpage, we will assist you with making sure that the webpage fits best with your business requirements.  With our team, we have several Graphic design artist that will make your logo the thing to talk about!  Take a look at all of our web page templates, we have hundreds of different designs to choose from. Flash and html templates.


Custom Online Applications

   We will design you an online custom application to make your work and life easier. We have several online applications that our clients have put into use. An online appointment reminder that we have designed is loved by some of our clients that are doctors. With this application you will no longer have to call your patient to remind them that they have an appointment, this system is completely automated and it will remind them for you. Just as it is important as having the application, we will make sure that it looks professional and that it matches your current website design.

Custom MySql and XML Charts

   Custom Charts can be very important to a business.  When designing charts, the data is obviously important but the presentation of the chart comes in as a very strong second.  What better way to show off your data with the flexibility of Health Tech Charts.  These charts are very colorful, have animation and have the ability to display in 2D or 3D.  They work well with XML if you have data that will never changes or data that rarely changes and also with MySql databases to read in your information and populate it beautifully on our charts.  Take a peak at our DEMO PAGE, there are hundreds of different types of chart layouts, we are still working on getting more on our demo but for now ask us if we can chart for you.

Demo Page HERE...

Custom Database

   The Database team has done many project using mySql, Access, and Oracle.  The team is very efficient when getting the job done right in a timely manner.  Not only does the job need to be right but also be done to your business needs.


Web Hosting

   Web Hosting MidOhioIT.com offers honest and reliable web hosting for you or your company. We Guarantee a 99.9% uptime on your webpage, and we monitor our clients websites on a regular basis to ensure it stays stable. So if it is affordable, and you receive that kind of guarantee, with that much care and monitoring why would you want to go else where?


Business CDs

   Coming Soon!!! This NEW Product will make the Old Paper Business Cards a thing of the PAST! What would you say if I was to tell you that, you could put your own Infomercial on your Business Card? What would you say if I told you that your Business Cards won't get tossed into the trash, or tucked away in someone's wallet?

Services website des

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